Long throw horn loaded 3 way high power cabinet.

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The tri-amp concentric design with 16 ohm impedance ensures easy daisy-chaining from the minimum quantity of amplifiers. Integrated Aeroquip flying strip system ensure an easy to rig and reliable mounting system. Multiple combinations of up to 9 HD-MH can be flown in a cluster creating a wall of sound capable of extreme sound pressure levels of 152 dB SPL.

The exposed horn and phase plug designed gives the enclosure a unique look ideal for nightclubs and festivals. A foam front steel grill is available when discreet applications are required, which easily attaches to the HDMH.

The enclosure has hardwearing paint that has a triple undercoat and an extra thick splatter finish which is long lasting and easy to touch up after years of use. An array of integrated heavy duty steel carry handles have been carefully positioned for the best ergonomic handling, with 4 handles located on each side and 1 handle on the top and on the bottom. Integrated wooden skids are located on the top and bottom of the HDMH for locking multiple units together. The skids located on the under-side also serve as a wear protection plate that prevents the enclosure from getting damaged.

Mounting options include two 1 meter long integrated aluminium Aeroquip flying track (for use with CFEK flying eyes) located on each side and two smaller flying tracks on the rear of the enclosure, deigned to give ultimate angle and loading flexibility. The HDMH may be partially or fully flown as required, via either the fully integrated flying tracks or using custom flying frames for multiple HD enclosures to a maximum of 3×3 per frame.

The rear cast aluminium heat sink plate has two integrated NL-8 speakON® connectors fitted as standard. One input and one link.

The speakON® connectors are wired:

  • Pass through on pins +1-1,
  • 2x 10” low mid drivers on pins +2-2,
  • 3.75” Mid on pins +3-3,
  • 1.75” High on pins +4-4.

Key Features:

  • 40 x 20 degree narrow dispersion
  • Large format long throw horn
  • Point source array or single use
  • 16 ohm tri-amp design
  • 145 dB SPL
  • Aerospace grade 7075-T6511 aluminium flying points
  • 10 x Heavy duty recessed steel handles



For more information, please visit Ohm’s Website: https://www.ohm.co.uk/productdetail/HD-MH