Dual 12”, 8 ohm ultra low subwoofer




LEDA is a 600 W, 45 Hz capable, folded horn subwoofer. Designed for large venues and outdoor events, Leda can be combined with HD-MH or TRS horn clusters allowing for flexible setups and cabinet choice.

Large ground stack clusters can be created, extending the horn aperture enhancing the speed and punch of a large horn whilst delivering long-throw dynamics and attaining the lowest frequencies. Leda’s folded horn design couples unmatched clarity and ultra-low distortion in a compact package, giving a new experience in low frequency reproduction.

Each cabinet has a dual 12” driver assembly coupled to a folded horn with a length of 2.7 metres. This is condensed into an enclosure of less than a cubic metre, giving this compact horn an incredible 141 dB SPL per cabinet with low frequency response down to 45 Hz. Designed to be used in multiples of 4, creating a horn aperture of 10 m2. This achieves long throw characteristics, fast response times with punchy bass.

The robust enclosure has an exposed horn design, hardwearing paint finish and two bar handles on each side. Integrated rubber feet are located on underside of the enclosure for securing in multiple ground stack positions. Cups are countersunk into the top of the enclosure to lock in additional Leda.

The rear connection plate has two 4 pin speakON® connectors fitted as standard. one input and one link. The speakON® connectors are wired on pins +1-1, with pass through of pins +2-2.

Key Features:

  • Dual driver folded horn for extended dynamics and clarity
  • Dual 12” subwoofer
  • low frequency 45 Hz
  • 141 dB SPL
  • Ideal for club sound and large outdoor events
  • Exposed horn design