Dual 8” + 4”, medium throw, full range line array cabinet

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Cora is an active two-way, compact dual 8” line array system. Designed for medium size projects, boasting extreme SPL and extended low frequency capabilities for its compact design when used with the Cora-S flying subwoofer. Cora integrates a 4-point rigging system into both models, making Cora a flexible solution for both install and touring alike.

The Cora is a bi amp design with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms for both the high & low frequency section. Featuring 2 x 8” proprietary Ohm woofers in a reflex tuned enclosure with dual 4” neodymium planer wave drivers. An SPL of 143dB (peak), or in a concert array of 8 boxes SPL of 156dB (peak). Cora’s frequency response is from 75 Hz to 21 kHz. This can be extended down to 29Hz when used with Cora-S subwoofer. An exposed phase plug design provides a smooth linear response and dispersion free of lobes over the entire frequency range. The waveguide generates a symmetrical horizontal dispersion of 100° x 12° vertical.

Made of high-grade Baltic birch plywood coated in tough polyurea ensures mechanical and acoustical integrity. A fully integrated 4-point rigging system designed with various angles of up to 12° per cabinet, which ensure perfect acoustic coupling between multiple cabinets forming an array. The Cora array frame is a single and multi-point flying frame which is perfect for ground stacking or flying Cora, Cora-S and self-powered versions. The same hardware can be used when ground-stacking CORA on TRS-118/218.

Each Cora is a lightweight 21.7 Kg reducing transportation and rigging weight. With a system hang of 9 Cora flying on a Cora array frame weighs 222 Kg. which is far below most maximum load points from small portable stages and theatres. Each Cora array frame (C-AF) weighs 27.23 Kg.

The robust enclosure has a unique exposed phase plug design front, hardwearing Polyurea paint finish and two butterfly handles on each side.

The rear connection plate has two recessed 4 pin speakON® connectors fitted as standard, one input and one link. Cora Cora is wired bi-amp with pins +1-1 for the Sub, and pins +2-2 high frequency.

Key Features:

  • Medium throw, full range line array component
  • Touring grade cabinet
  • Tough Polyurea coating
  • Dual layer thermal relief driver technology
  • Phase-plug controlled LF driver with Integrated HF waveguide
  • Advanced active dispersion gives 100° x 12° coverage
  • Unique port design gives excellent dynamics without side-lobing
  • Easy ground-stacking of up to 6 cabinets per frame
  • Fly up to 12 cabinets per frame.
  • 8 + 8 Ohm impedance allows for 6 cabinets to be connected to a 4 output amplifier